Journal of Research in Environmental Science and Toxicology

The "Journal of Research in Environmental Science and Toxicology (JREST) (ISSN: 2315-5698)" is an international online journal in English published monthly by INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNALS. The aim of JREST is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles promptly without delay in the developing field of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Public Health. The Journal of Research in Environmental Science and Toxicology (JREST), publishes significant advances and discoveries in all aspects of  Environmental Science, Toxicology and Public Health as they apply to environmental problem solving. The Journal addresses topics, including, but not limited to, pollutants, xenobiotics and pharmaceuticals in water, soil, sediment and air, and their impact on human health or environmental quality; their origin, fate, biodegradation and transport in the environment; modeling of environmental biological and chemical systems; environmental toxicology, microbiology, biotechnology, chemistry, engineering and hazard/risk assessment; treatment and remediation technologies of water and wastewater, municipal and industrial wastes, leachate from hazardous landfill, toxic and hazardous substances, soil decontamination and treatment of industrial effluents, organ toxicities, immunotoxicology, risk assessment, carcinogenesis, mutagenesis, ecotoxicology, environmental factors affecting health, and aquatic toxicology. In addition, the journal also publishes research notes dealing with new methods and/or their development for the detection and measurement of environmental contaminants. Our dedicated technical and editorial team members from different fields of Environmental science and Health ensures the quality and review standard of our publications. JREST publishes original articles,  letters to editor and reviews.

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May 2017;Vol.6,No 1