International Research Journal of Biochemistry and Bioinformatics

Editor in-chief


Dr.  Syed Ibrahim Rizvi

Gerontology, Clinical Biochemistry, Membrane Biochemistry,

Natural Product, Oxidative stress

 Department of Biochemistry, University of Allahabad,

Allahabad 211002, India


Associate Editors


Dr.  Adel S. Al-Zubairi

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics,

Anticancer Drug Discovery.

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,

University of Sana’a, Sana’a, Yemen.

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences,

Al-Baha University, Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Ganesh Chandra Sahoo

Bioinformatics, Clinical Bioinformatics,

Virology, Drug Discovery, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology,

Next Generation Sequencing

Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of

Medical Sciences(RMRIMS)(ICMR)

BioMedical Informatics Center,

RMRIMS, Agam Kuan, Patna